Our Cache Story

Cache is a lifestyle brand created to mix sophistication with fun. Our goal is to bring you innovative and elegant solutions that posses both style and ease. We are committed to sourcing our products ethically, giving back to causes we believe in and involving our customers in our evolution as a brand and a company.

It all started with our founder Baran Dilaver, who has worked for admired brands including Firefly Vapor and Namaste Technologies.  During this experience he realized there was a problem in the industry — storage.  Baran made it his goal to create a solution. Soon after Amber Roberts joined him, taking over the project management tasks and bringing her flair to our creative process, while Majofe has been leading the website design.

Our goal is to have a broad approach in respect to looking for elegant solutions.  Our first round of limited edition products are designed with you in mind. We want to collect your feedback and do more limited iterations in order to provide you with your ideal solutions for your creative and fun life!