Cache Team

When founder Baran Dilaver had the idea for Cache, he immediately created a collaborative creative team to bring his vision to life. To develop the initial product line he brought on board Tony Leo, a leading Product Designer from Pottery Barn, and Patricia Ryan, creator of well-known brands and album covers. They were later joined by Dusty Swartz to lead the team. The group is having a lot of fun playing with product ideas that we hope you’ll enjoy.


When Tony’s not dreaming about new custom suits to floss, He’s designing new furniture and home accessories for you. Chances are, you or someone you know has something in their home he’s created. Self-proclaimed “one tchotchke short of a hoarder” Tony only wants to build objects that make you smile and squeal with delight, whichever comes first.


Continually trying to orchestrate his life, fun, work balance, Baran toils over where his passion leads him. It could be physical activities that send him looking for the perfect kitesurfing spot or next the snowstorm, or, perhaps a chance to feed his soul through building an impossible art installation in the desert. Sometimes it’s his creative drive that overtakes to conceptualize a new product with visions of its ensuing brand…

In the end, Baran’s one vital element in life is sharing his exhilarating experiences with friends.

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