Regarding care and maintenance of your Cache box, we recommend the following

1- Any amount of sunlight can rapidly dry out vegan leather. It is vital to keep your Cache Box out of direct sunlight for long periods.

2- For cleaning the exterior of your Cache Vegan Leather Box we recommend first dusting off the box with a soft cloth. As vegan leather is made with a plastic coating, it is fairly waterproof. This makes it easier to clean by using a mild detergent or just by wiping it with a damp cloth. If stains or dirt have appeared on your box, use this method. Gently clean the Vegan Leather while making sure not to allow liquid to soak the leather.

3- Always say NO to the temptation to rub or scrub a vegan leather surface. Never use any kind of rough cloths or sponge. Scrubbing will only crack the surface without cleaning the stain or removing the mark. The best solution would be to use soft cloths and gentle, circular motions.

4- Regardless of the size of the stain or the depth of it on your faux, NEVER use bleach. It has many agents that actually speed up drying, which will only result in weakening the structure and surface, which will shorten the life-span of your vegan leather.

5- If your box becomes dry, vinyl conditioner is typically recommended for faux or “vegan” leather, and should be applied (on smooth/exterior surfaces only) with a soft cloth in small circular motions. Excess conditioner should then be removed with a clean cloth before leaving the product to dry.

6- To remove dust or lint from the microsuede inner lining, spray the surfaces with alcohol or a mild soap-and-water solution. Spray small areas at a time, and brush each area with a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush. Allow to air dry. When dry, brush with a dry, soft-bristled brush if necessary to buff the fabric and restore the microsuede’s soft texture.

7- Never use oil based products as this will stain the vegan leather.

A Note About “Vegan Leather”

While horrible toxic chemicals are used in leather processing, as well as inhumane practices on factory-animal farms, inorganic vegan leathers are a modern alternative made from synthetic materials which have become much less toxic to produce over the last decade.

Vegan leathers come in a variety of colors and textures, as much as animal-based leathers, and often are easier to care for and maintain. The quality in terms of look and durability of vegan leather has improved dramatically, as the demand for its use in fashion, as well as utilitarian functions has increased. At this point often the only way to tell it apart from real leather is to examine the backing. Like animal-based leather, its longevity is tied to how well it’s conditioned and maintained.